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Russ Hilderbrand

Russell Hilderbrand, Piano Technician

I have been a musician for most of my life, and I love to play music.  I also love tuning and repairing the wonderful instruments that we call pianos.   The great thing about pianos is that you can play them with any type of music and with any other instrument.  From beginners to super stars, people of all ages and walks of life love to play their piano's.

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Piano Maintenance

Inside the piano


Piano's need regular maintenance.  Tuning, regulation, voicing and cleaning. 

Tuning the piano not only sets the pitch of each of the strings, it also sets the tension of piano to where it was designed to be.  Most manufactures recommend that their pianos be tuned twice a year.   

Regulation, is a process of tightening and adjusting the parts of the piano so that the piano performs at its best.

Voicing, simply put, refers to the changing the tone of the instrument.  This is accomplish by softening or hardening the felt hammers, and by adjusting the way the hammers contacts the strings. 

Cleaning, As you can see in the following pictures, piano's have a lot of parts.  When dirt and dust collect in those parts it makes the piano very sluggish and hard to play.  

Russ is a Piano Life Saver Certified Installer

Piano Life Saver Certified Installer


Pianos go out of tune because changes in humidity cause expansion or contraction of the piano’s soundboard. The soundboard movement changes the tension of the strings, which causes the piano to go out of tune.  The expansion of the wood in the piano can also cause soundboards and bridges to crack.  A Climate Control System, also known as the Piano Life Saver System, helps maintain the humidity of your piano around 42%. Maintaining a consistent level of humidity for your piano helps reduce the significant fluctuations in pitch by stabilizing the crown of the soundboard which can increase and decrease with the changes in weather. In addition, reducing the significant fluctuations in relative humidity can help reduce the aging process of the wood parts of the piano. For more information, visit    

The Piano Life Saver™ system keeps the humidity inside your piano at the proper level all year long. This maintains tuning stability and increases the life of your piano.


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